Upper Fabric Half Doors For TJ Wranglers

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Black Denim 5179015
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1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Upper Half Doors are specifically designed to fit factory lower hard doors in combination with Supertop Classic, Sunrider, Halftop or factory soft tops. Kits include pair of upper half doors with frames, fabric and vinyl windows.

Snug fit is ensured by using adjustable door collars

Double-bulb weather stripping surrounds the door to facilitate a good seal

Exterior fabric color matches Bestop and factory original soft tops

Sold in pairs

Note: Bestop Upper Door Kits cannot be used in conjunction with Bestop Lower Fabric Half Doors.  If you are interested in combining upper and lower doors, check out our 2-Piece Fabric Door Kits

Sold in pairs

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