black stainless

We had many customers asking if we sell black stainless and up until today we had to tell them no. The same qualities that make Stainless Steel so sought after, such as being rust and corrosion proof, also prevents other molecules from adhering. Most applications where stainless is turned black are black powder-coated, which still isn't as durable as we would like to represent our hardware products. It is simply a coating on the silver base color. Today, after almost 2 years and nearly $50,000 in failure and practice, we found a way to color stainless black. The process permanently bonds with the stainless to form a nearly indestructible shell. Even hitting the new bolts with a hammer still doesn't effect the coloration. Black and completely corrosion and rust resistant. We are extremely excited. Coming September 15th, we will now be offering bare stainless and black bonded stainless.

Check back soon.