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We are extremely excited to announce that we are continuing to grow. WE JUST finished construction on our very first climate controlled parts warehouse. 2020 was such an amazing year for us when it comes to growth. I never ever thought something like this was possible. Truly amazing. This will equal much faster shipping turnaround and a much larger inventory. Check back as we will be adding some pictures of the new warehouse around August 15th.
For those that don't know, at we have one of the LARGEST selections of used Jeep Wrangler and CJ Series Jeep Parts in the WORLD. Everything from Alternators to Windshields. The owner of, Jonathan, his first Jeep was a 1980 CJ7 Automatic. He tried to keep up with the repairs of his Jeep and noticed there was a large opening in the industry for a shop that people could turn to when it comes to quality used hard to find parts. Over 25 years ago he opened the doors to JeepBolts and it has been growing ever since. We have millions of parts on-hand and access to millions of other parts. If you're looking for any part at all for your Wrangler or CJ Series Jeep, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Simply use our Contact Us Page to fill out our simple form field or you can call or text (719) 400-8141.
IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR BOLTS THAT WE DO NOT HAVE for sale on our site - we had such a huge customer base asking for this service. There are thousands of bolts on any given Jeep model. If you need us to match up the bolts you have and replace them we opened a box exclusively for that request. Just put the bolts in a bag, write the year, make, and model they are for along with your address and phone number and mail them to the below address. Turn around time is usually less than a week. Mail them to us using USPS First Class mail which takes about 3-days to get to us. It takes us less than 24-hours to match them up. Then we will send you an invoice for the new bolts and the new bolts should arrive in about 3-days. There was  a tremendous number of requests for this service 
JeepBolts Bolt Locator
9235 North Union Blvd #150-255
Colorado Springs, CO 80920