About Us

About Us

“Replace em once for good. Our bolts are 100% Guaranteed.”

At JeepBolts.com we deal with customers, contractors, and mechanic shops WorldWide. We deal exclusively with Jeeps and every part from bumpers to winches.

Our bolts have been tested under some of the most extreme conditions from New England to Singapore. We have shipped our bolts to dozens of countries with some of the best reviews on the web. When we get customers sending us pictures from all over the world, it's truly amazing. 

We are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the foot of Pikes Peak. Every bolt order is hand packaged and shipped from the Rocky Mountain Front Range

JeepBolts.com has been in business for almost 30 years. The owner, Jon, took to selling stainless bolts online back in 1996 on numerous 3rd party marketplaces as well as helping local builders with almost every Jeep model. As our small company name and products began to catch-on due to lasting quality and outstanding customer service, we eventually grew into what you see today. Our website is almost a decade old and still growing thanks to our customers.

Well-Worth-It-Quality. It took us years and thousands of bolts before we were satisfied with what we were offering. It’s because the majority of what we sell for non loading bearing applications is stainless steel. 304 stainless offers Jeepers the ability to protect their investments since owning a Jeep is it's own lifestyle. Most of the hinges and bolts on Jeeps rust fairly easy...which we corrected. 

Why did we go with allen head bolts?

Torx/Star bolts on Jeeps strip easily because of how shallow they are. Torx bits get narrower from the beginning of the bit to the end, similar to a cone shape. They need more depth to grab the bolt head surface and cannot properly accomplish this on a flat bolt. Hex/Allen head bolts do not have the same issue because the 5 sided socket walls are the same width all the way down. The solution is replacing old style Torx/Star head bolts with Hex/Allen head bolts. Why put the same bolt back on your Jeep that is notorious for stripping?

Check out our 100% Guarantee at the bottom of the page. Should you have any further questions please head to our contact us page.