Replacement Bolts for Jeep CJ5 CJ7 CJ6 Series - Worldwide Shipping

“Replace em once for good. 100% Guaranteed.”

We are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Every bolt order is hand packaged and shipped from the Rocky Mountain Front Range with your name on it.

At this is what we do. Such a small item on these vehicles rusts out in most areas of the world, and this, in turn, leads to a depreciated resale value that can be thousands of dollars. We have studied these bolts extensively for years before we found a product we were happy with, that we were willing to stand behind, and create a website based around them. There are so many types of metal out there being sold to just serve as a replacement for the stock bolts. The majority of them are chrome, zinc (or zinc plated), and black-oxide (black bolts). All of these materials WILL corrode and rust which is why we based our site around top-quality hardened 18-8 corrosion and rustproof stainless steel. You can save a few bucks going the other route, or you can replace them for good GUARANTEED!!!

Stainless steel can be painted, however, the same qualities that make rust not adhere, also causes the paint to chip off easily. 

1000's of Jeepers, contractors, and mechanic shops trust us worldwide. Plus, we guarantee all our bolts - any bolts that rust, corrode, oxidizes, or strip, we will replace for free as long as the original owner has the Jeep.

WHY Should you chose Hex Head over the stock Torx?

Torx/Star bolts on Jeeps strip easily because of how shallow they are. Torx bits get narrower from the beginning of the bit to the end. They need more depth to grab the bolt head surface and cannot properly accomplish this on a flat bolt. Hex/Allen head bolts do not have the same issue because the 5 sided socket walls are the same width all the way down. The solution is to replace old-style Torx/Star head bolts with Hex/Allen head bolts. Why put the same bolt back on your Jeep that is notorious for stripping? With the hex head ones, they were more expensive, but we have had less than 1 of 10000 bolts strip.