TJ Wrangler 4 inch SuperLift Lift Kit

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This is the SUPERLIFT 4 Inch suspension lift kit for the 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ 4WD models. These Jeep Wrangler TJ were an evolutionary models. With a SUPERLIFT suspension and a little more tire, your TJ can be quite the off-road machine without sacrificing on-road drivability.

The 1997-2006  Wrangler TJ returned to the classic CJ style round headlamps and featured a completely new coil-spring 4-link suspension (both front & rear) design for better ride and handling. In basic form, there are 4-link bars mounted from the axle to the frame holding the axle in place: 2-links holding the axle from moving front to back and 2-links used to locate the axle from side-to-side. It included front & rear track bars and a list of new innovations.

This SUPERLIFT system is designed for the 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ owners looking to gain ground clearance, wheel travel flexibility and a level stance. Our kit for Jeep Wrangler TJ addresses all of your lift kit needs in terms of product quality, durability, craftsmanship, and price. It includes everything you need to lift your Wrangler TJ – no other parts are required: But SUPERLIFT does have personalized options and upgrades to personalize your performance.

While the suspension is definitely more complicated, ride quality is improved along with articulation, handling characteristics and it aligns to OEM specifications. This kit geometry corrects front to rear factory rake delivering a level stance. Proper driveshaft angles are maintained.

SUPERLIFT engineers develop these 4-inch front lift coil springs & 2.5 inch rear coils for a level ride height. The result is the best ride and handling characteristics of any 4-inch lift coil available. They’re pre-set to reduce fatigue in the steel, minimize settling and guarantee a consistent ride height. Shot-peened to increase tensile strength and allow maximum wheel travel without sacrificing the life of the springs.

As ride height is increased, the length of certain axle-to-frame suspension links must also be increased (and/or link attachments point relocated) to address castor angles loss at the front axle. To restore caster, SUPERLIFT includes two (2) lower replacement links for the front and two (2) for the rear. These heavy-duty, thick wall tubular replacement links are a fixed length with grease-able polyurethane bushings at each end. Eccentric cam bolts are included for the front to fine tune the alignment.

Longer anti-sway bar links prevent bar pre-load (front & rear). A transfer case lowering kit corrects rear driveshaft angle. Compression travel stop extensions prevent over-compression (front & rear). A rear track bar extension bracket that mounts at the axle also braces & reinforces the factory mount.

All these components are a simple R&R (Remove the factory & Replace with SUPERLIFT) item.

Included in this system is a set of four (4) Superlift hydraulic shocks absorbers. Superlift shock absorbers are designed to provide excellent ride quality, durability and longevity. They feature 10-stage, velocity-sensitive valving for maximum control on or off-road without sacrificing a comfortable ride. Shock resistance is continually adjusted, depending on the terrain and vehicle speed.

Direct bolt-on design that requires zero welding and zero cutting. Includes detailed instructions suitable for do-it-yourselfers (DIY) or for installers alike. This is a Super-EZ install.

  • Front: Coil springs (1 pair); tubular front lower control/link arms; polyurethane bushings (8) & metal sleeves (4) for the link arms; eccentric cam bolts (2); anti-sway bar links (2); compression travel stop extensions (2); Supplied Hardware; Superlift Shocks (2).
  • Rear: Coil springs (1 pair); tubular lower control/link arms (2); polyurethane bushings (8) & metal sleeves (4) for the link arms; anti-sway bar links (2); compression travel stop extensions (2); track bar relocation bracket (1); Supplied Hardware; Superlift Shocks (2).

NOTE: A very small percentage of Jeeps with 4" of lift (except Rubicon model) will require a Slip Yoke Eliminator (SLE) and replacement driveshaft kit to reduce driveshaft angle/driveline vibration; this cannot be determined until the lift is installed, and the Jeep road tested.

Tire Wheel Backspacing Offset
33 x 12.5 15 x 8 3.5 - 4 -

Installation Instructions

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