Jeep JL Wrangler Control Arm Replacement Bolts 2018-2023 Gladiator or Wrangler

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One thing that notorious with Jeep JL Wranglers...the control arm bolts. There was a flaw where the full length threading slowly wears away at the sleeves and causes them to develop play. We have corrected this by adding a thick shoulder almost 1/3rd the way down the bolts. Another issue is the control arm bolts on JLs need to be torqued to over 195 lbs, which is a LOT of torque. We had to sell a bolt that would handle this.
Replace your stock control arm bolts with our safer, more versatile control arm bolts from JeepBolts. Chose front, rear, or both. Don't forget the track bar bolts also. It's best to replace all of them at the same time.
Come with 16 case hardened bolts, 32 washers, and 16 lock nuts. Simply reuse your old flagnuts.
** We recommend the use of a strong threadlocker with all of our suspension components as they are builder parts **

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