Jeep JK Hood Door Tailgate Windshield FULL Stainless Set REGULAR 4-Door Wrangler Bolts 124 Piece Set

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4-Door JK Wrangler 124-piece set. This is the REGULAR set. Get this set if you DO NOT have aftermarket parts that require longer bolts to attach to the windshield. If you do have aftermarket parts for your windshield we sell this same set in "long" on this page.

Hex/Allen Head Bolts. Made of Rust and Corrosion Proof 18-8 Hardened Stainless Steel. These bolts come in both our black stainless and our bare stainless. The additional cost for the black stainless is to pay for the bonding process.
  • 4-Door JK Wrangler 124 piece set
  • 20 inner-door hinge bolts,
  • 20 inner-door bonded sealing washers
  • 16 outer-door countersunk bolts
  • inner and outer bolts for tailgate
  • 4 mirror brackets bolts
  • 4 bonded sealing washers for mirrors,
  • 4 cowl bolts
  • 4 cowl bonded sealing washers all
  • inner and outer hood hinge bolts
  • 12 windshield bolts
  • 12 windshield neoprene bonded sealing washers
  • Please not that all of our JK outer hinge bolts are FLAT and not convex like the stock bolts. This helps displace and release water a lot easier.

This set will fit 2007-2017 4-Door JK Wranglers.

**Please not that any hinges that are hidden, inner door, inner hood, inner tailgate, will  NOT come in black stainless. They will be bare stainless only for those inner

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