Ticket Giveaway

It has been an amazing year at JeepBolts.com - so many things are coming. We currently have 3500 lbs of our new black stainless bolts on the way from Chicago that will arrive tomorrow. We have a new site being launched before the end of October with a new interactive part selector for the customers. And, we are adding almost every suspension part for every Jeep CJ and Wrangler model available.

NONE of this would be possible without you, the customers.

I'm Jon, I'm the owner and I wanted to personally post this giveaway. We gonna' git C-O-U-N-T-R-Y. Yesterday we found out we had been selected for early pre-sale of the Morgan Wallen Concert at Empower Field At Mile High - ain't that some shit. The chances were something like 10,000 out of 500K people. The public tickets don't go on sale for about a week. The concert is June 27th 2024. We maxed out with 6 tickets and it's because we wanted to give 2 away to our customers. They are Section B if you're familiar with the venue, the seats are right up front center stage, and were almost $1500 per ticket along with the VIP passes. Keep em, sell em if you want to and keep the 3 grand, but we're givin away 2 of em. 

There are some great people going, bring someone you can grab and dance to the slow songs with, but be warned, we're gonna sing at the top of our lungs because we're obnoxious...it's what we do LOL I know things like this wouldn't be possible without the customers that rely on us every single day around the world for so many products for their Jeeps. So Thank You.

In order to enter simply type WALLEN2024 in the comment line when you make a purchase. If you want to enter without making a purchase, send an email to support@jeepbolts.com and in the subject type WALLEN2024. We will be assigning a random number system to every entry and be using a random number selector in March of 2024 to select the winner. You have to find your own way to the field. We are doing the drawing in March so people have time to make plans to get there if they chose to go. This drawing will go up and down as we will need to change the banner every few days to keep the content rotating based on website placement. 

And now a little of my favorite Wallen Song - Wine Into Water

Some girls like roses and a man sayin' sorry by the dozenTo heal the heartbreak up, andSome girls like a letter on a windshield, pourin' out his feelingsWhen it's all hit the ceilin'But I know something even better I could try, soI'm out here soakin' up your porch light glowWith an apology in my left handHope it tastes like a second chance
'Cause I'm here to say sorry with a to-the-top glass of that Napa Valley vine CabernetGirl, I couldn't go to bed, let another second pass without you and me being okaySo, let's get to the bottom of these problems and this bottle before that moonlight quitsAnd turn this wine into water under the bridge