Ticket Giveaway

I'm Jon, the owner, and I wanted to personally type about this giveaway. We gonna run it back...get a lil bit country. We are so grateful to y'all, the customers, and we decided to do a giveaway valued at almost $4,000 dollars. We have prime seats for the Morgan Wallen Concert at Safeco Field in Denver. The seats are section B, right up front. Keep em, sell em, do whatever you want to with them, if you win, they're yours. 

There are some great people going, bring someone you can grab and dance to the slow songs with, but be warned, we're gonna sing at the top of our lungs because we're obnoxious...it's what we do. I know things like this wouldn't be possible without the customers that rely on us every single day around the world for so many products for their Jeeps. So Thank You.

In order to enter simply type WALLEN2024 in the comment line when you make a purchase. If you want to enter without making a purchase, send an email to support@jeepbolts.com and in the subject type WALLEN2024. We will be assigning a random number system to every entry and be using a random number selector on June 1st 2024 to select the winner. You have to find your own way to the field. This drawing will go up and down as we will need to change the banner every few days to keep the content rotating based on website placement.

Thank You, to everyone. We have quickly become one of the largest specialty shops in the world thanks to all of you with more than 10,000 packages a month. It's incredible. 

And now a Morgan Wallen song I dedicated to my girl, Jen (told ya) - I Deserve A Drink

I been doin' good, so goodI been on my best behaviorI been livin' by the bookI should've known that sooner or laterYou'd walk in this place, and I'd break, take two steps back and say"What's one little taste gonna hurt?"
You're burnin' hotter than a Bourbon with no waterAnd I want your buzz in my veinsGirl, in the mornin' you'll walk out the door, andI'll pour us back down the sinkBut tonight I deserve a drink
What am I supposed to do? Girl, I always lose to your temptationYou're another shot that I shouldn't knock back but damn, babyYou layin' it on, you leanin' it inYeah, I've been keepin' it strong for so longBut I need it again, yeah, I need you again