Shipping Costs

Shipping Costs, as most people know, have been drastically increasing with every carrier all around the World - as well as the cost of other goods. While the bolt packages that we make will continue to be Free Shipping inside the USA, the Crown Automotive products that we are now carrying will come with a small delivery fee. Any order over $49 will be shipped FREE and any order under $49 will be charged a shipping fee of $4.99. When it comes to Worldwide Shipping, any order over $99 will be shipped free and any order under $99 will be charged a flat rate of $25 per order. We are trying to keep costs as low as possible because we understand that times are hard for everyone with what is occurring around the world. We are extremely proud of this endeavor. It is truly amazing that we now have a small place on the East Coast shipping and we just picked up every single product that Crown manufacturers that we can now ship Worldwide out of a Massachusetts warehouse.