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At JeepBolts.com we're fellow gearheads, and most of us own a TJ or JK Wrangler. Since 2004 we have been selling EXOBolts with thousands of customers worldwide. We accidentally stumbled across these BECAUSE a lot of the stock bolts in our tubs were rusting out due to being around saltwater. After a period of time, we found the answer.
Why is the price a little higher at JeepBolts.com? It took us years and hundreds of bolts before we were satisfied with what we were installing.
Cheap bolts, like Black-Oxide, Chrome, and Zinc, can usually be purchased for a few pennies at a local hardware store. Most of us remember when we went to a place that specializes in bolts and found Black-Oxide (black bolts). We thought we struck gold because they were 15 cents apiece. After about 3 months though they all began to oxidize on the surface and discolor. We also used to automatically think torx bolts because they were the stock style. 
That's when we realized this...
Torx/Star bolts on Wranglers strip easily because of how shallow they are. Torx bits get narrower from the beginning of the bit to the end, similar to a drill bit. Torx bits need more depth to grab the bolt head surface and can not properly accomplish this on a flat bolt. Hex/Allen head bolts do not have the same issue because the 5 sided socket walls are the same width all the way down. The solution is to replace old style Torx/Star head bolts with Hex/Allen head bolts. Why put the same bolt back on your Jeep that is notorious for stripping?

These bolts are countersunk identical to the OEM bolts so they will seat completely flush.

BEWARE: There are many bolts for sale out there. Black oxide (black bolts), chrome, and zinc/zinc plated are NOT rust and corrosion-proof. Painting black oxide, chrome, and zinc does NOT make them rust and corrosion-proof. Keep this in mind when shopping for replacement bolts. Black oxide, chrome, and zinc plate, once they begin to rust and it gets into the threading of the bolt holes, it eats away at the tub. If you are going to purchase those slightly less expensive bolts, might want to hold onto the receipt for about 2-3 months and watch for signs of corrosion.

We have been using the Hex Stainless Steel bolts we sell for a long time and never had a single issue with them. If they should ever strip please contact us.