Bestop JL Jeep Wrangler Soft Tops

We want to keep things the way they were, so every top you buy from JeepBolts comes completely tax-free!!!

On this page you will find the wide range of JL Jeep Wrangler Soft Top & Soft Doors that we carry from Bestop. Bestop started right here in Boulder, Colorado, just a stone's throw from the JeepBolts shop. Since 1954 they have been producing some of the best-quality tops on the market. We have been in business for nearly 3 decades and most of us will not chose another brand. We stick with what we know and love. We get asked a lot what the difference between Black Diamond and Premium Black Twill is. While Black Diamond is 28 oz fabric, Premium Black Twill is top-of-the-line 30-oz. triple-layer acrylic twill fabric. The Black Twill tends to last longer than the Black Diamond because of the slightly more durable acrylic constructions. Should you have any questions which top is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us