JL Wrangler 2.5 inch 4-Door SuperLift Lift Kit - Dual Rate Springs - Select Shocks

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Product Information

Superlift’s 2.5-inch lift kit for the 2018-2020 Wrangler JL Unlimited is the first lift kit on the market with replacement coil springs that are location specific. This new lift kit also features the all-new SHADOW SERIES SHOCK.

The all-new SHADOW SERIES SHOCK is a modern twin-tube GAS charged, steel grey slim body shock that gives your Jeep Wrangler JL the ride it deserves without breaking the bank. This all-new shock is Modern slim body twin-tube yet provides quality ride on-road while performing in off-road conditions that traditional twin-tube shocks don’t.

Through specialized testing, Superlift’s engineers determined that the same coil spring rate cannot be used side to side. These all-new coil springs and shocks will provide excellent ride quality. Also, these coil springs and shocks are designed to provide an even stance and long-lasting durability.

Superlift’s JL coil springs will give your Jeep Wrangler JL the ride, stance, and durability it desires. Each Dual rate coil features a transition of two rate ranges that give you that ultimate ride on the pavement with the flexibility and durability of off-road performance.

To complement these JL coil springs, the kit also includes lower link arms, front track bar bracket, Shadow Series Shocks, compression stop spacers, and extended sway bar links.


  • Location Specific Coil Springs
  • Shock Extension Brackets, Shadow Shocks, Fox Shocks or King Shocks
  • Compression Stop Spacers
  • Extended Sway Bar Links
  • Adds clearance for 35-37” tires
  • Backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Backed by our LIFT FORCE Warranty – Supplemental Powertrain Warranty


  • Designed using location-specific coils.
  • Jeep remains level on all 4 corners
  • Quality ride for on-road performance
  • Provides maximum amount of extension travel without driveshaft bind
  • Compression stop spacers prevent tire rub under full compression

Wheel and Tired Information

Tire Wheel Backspacing (INCH)
35 x 12.5 17x9 4.5 -5.7 inch
35 x 12.5 18 x 9 4.5 -5.7 inch
35 x 12.5 20 x 9 4.5 -5.7 inch
37 x 12.5 - Rubicon Only 17x9 4.5 -5.7 inch
37 x 12.5 - Rubicon Only 18 x 9 4.5 -5.7 inch
37 x 12.5 - Rubicon Only 20 x 9 4.5 -5.7 inch


Installation Instructions

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