I want to write something personally to all of our customers. In 2023, we were able to employee 3 more people to work remotely thanks to our customers. That's 3 more homes for families and 3 more employees who's families have health benefits. As the owner, when I started this business with only my daughter, out of a very small space years and years ago, I never would have thought we would see 50,000+ sales in the course of a year. I am truly blown away and thankful every single day, with every single order, for the growth that the customers have helped us with. We wouldn't be where we are today without you. 

Our inventory has grown extensively, even through the state of the economy. Over the past two months we even doubled our inventory again by adding all the stainless bolts we sell, in black stainless, and orders have gone up almost 400% because of it. JeepBolts.com has become a household name with so many people using us now and recommending us to others. I often get stuck while typing this trying to think of something to say in appreciation, but really there is nothing. We promise our company will continue to grow, and continue to offer the best products and customer service possible.

Thank You


(JeepBolts Owner)